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If the Cyclades Islands are amongst your top picks for your summer season vacations in Greece, then Paros is an exceptional choice. The first sight of the white and blue landscape will more than anything make you forget any troubles as the lovely beaches and the clear blue waters will. When it comes to lodging you will find lots of hotels in Paros that will use you a relaxing and tranquil stay on the island.

Paros, Greece uses a variety of experiences from family-friendly to peaceful breaks and dynamic night life too. In the®ion=TopBar&WT.nav=searchWidget&module=SearchSubmit&pgtype=Homepage#/Paros Greece heart of the Aegean Sea Paros Island offers you a large range of pebbled or sandy beaches and a memorable ambience to soak up unique moments with your other half, your friends or your household. Attempt to go to the well-known Kolybithres or Monastiri beach and you'll actually be surprised. For the very best perspective of this the attractive area, we recommend taking a boat there from Naoussa. As well as the lots of sightseeing alternatives and tourist attractions, you will be impressed by the splendid and lovely natural surroundings.

Naoussa is the center of life on the island, as lots of young people (and the older) gather and fill the town with energy and pleasure all day long. Nights in Naoussa are especially lively, with all ages collecting to dine or consume mixed drinks in some cases right through to the little hours of the early morning!

Do not miss out on the regional food either. paros Greece Lots of tavernas offer scrumptious conventional specials that are simply elegant. Naoussa likewise has a little but attractive harbor with fishing boats always reoccuring, a good location to sit and view the world pass. The beauty of Naoussa town remains unspoilt thanks to its standard character. Most of the hotels in Paros lie in Naoussa or close by, so you have all you require at your fingertips.

We advise Paros Island for extraordinary minutes with your buddies or your household. Attractive landscapes, deep blue waters, all sort of beaches gorgeous ambience and unwinding vacations are the keywords for this island in Cyclades. Would you prefer to miss it?We didn't think so!

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